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By: Y. Falk, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine

But to better capture progress toward gender equality fungus under toenail cure cheap fulvicin 250 mg line, greater investments are needed fungus gnats kitchen sink order online fulvicin. We need to develop new measures and invest in higher-quality data that more accurately reflect constraints on and expressions of agency fungus zombie last of us order fulvicin 250 mg with mastercard, hold governments and development agencies such as the World Bank Group to account fungus under fingernails purchase 250 mg fulvicin visa, and incorporate these findings into our everyday work and decisions. This report distills an array of data, studies and evidence to shine a spotlight on the pervasive deprivations and constraints that face women and girls worldwide-from epidemic gender-based violence to laws and norms that prevent women from owning property, working, making decisions about their own lives and having influence in society. It identifie some promising programs and interventions to address these deprivations and constraints. Policymakers and stakeholders need to tackle this agenda, drawing on evidence about what works and systematically tracking progress on the ground. This must start with reforming discriminatory laws and follow through with concerted policies and public actions, including multi-sectoral approaches that engage with men and boys and challenge adverse social norms. Shanghai, China-Mother and daughter riding bicycle by night in the street in Shanghai. They matter for the shared prosperity of people alive today and for the prospects of a better life for future generations. Often, the same people face all of those deprivations simultaneously, and common markers of disadvantage include being a woman, being poor, and lacking education. Less often discussed is that far too many women and girls also are unable to own basic assets such as land, have no voice in their communities and governments, have limited control over their sexual and reproductive rights, and lack freedom from violence, even in their own homes. One of the most alarming facts is that more than 800 million women alive today have experienced either physical or sexual partner violence or non-partner sexual violence during their lifetimes. Tackling these gaps matters-and expanding voice and agency is central-for reducing extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Enormous development progress has occurred in the past two decades-many people are living longer and healthier lives, becoming educated, and having more access to goods and services. More countries than ever guarantee women and men equal rights under the law in such areas as property ownership, inheritance, and marriage. Globally, more women than men attend university, and women are now living longer than men in every region of the world. This chapter starts by elaborating the case for strengthening agency and closing gaps. Next, we present a framework for understanding how agency is affected by drivers of other gender equality outcomes. Finally, we examine two drivers-social norms and laws and legal institutions-in greater depth. This report focuses on what we see as a ress in closing key gaps, as our recent global differences in outcomes often persist. Women are often at a systematic disadvantage in their ability to make effective choices in a range of spheres, from making decisions at home, deciding what kind of work to do, to choosing whether or when to get married and how many children to have to becoming politically active. Agency is an outcome that matters in its own right; it is an important driver of other aspects of gender equality; and it also has value as a process, as we will show. Agency is critical at the individual level, as demonstrated by women worldwide who have spoken of having agency and of being empowered in many different ways: My opportunity is that I have free space, to decide for myself, no longer dependent on others. A woman who is able to work and able to fulfil the needs that she has identified for herself. If you join societies, organizations, communities, and other social things, even spiritually, you will be empowered. Valuable insights can be drawn from qualitative approaches to capture that diversity. One valuable and recent source is On Norms and Agency,10 which draws on discussions with over 4,000 women and men in 20 countries and explores the nature and effects of gender differences and inequalities in their lives to uncover the role of gender norms and roles. We commissioned additional work in Chad11 and Niger,12 which provides further insights. Chapter 7 discusses some of the commonly used techniques and the agenda for closing data gaps. We deepen the evidence base in ways that foster a better understanding of constraints and possible ways forward. Just as importantly, we examine how change can come about and identify policies and programs that have worked to increase agency and we identify promising future options. At the same time, we underline that this is a sphere where generalizations are especially risky, and that country-specific diagnostic work and dialogue are essential to move ahead at the national level.

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Cross References Contracture; Myotonia; Paralysis; Warm-up phenomenon Paraparesis Paraparesis is a weakness of the lower limbs anti fungal herbal buy fulvicin 250mg without a prescription, short of complete weakness (paraplegia) fungus gnat infestation purchase discount fulvicin. This may result from lesions anywhere from cerebral cortex (frontal antifungal questions order fulvicin 250 mg with mastercard, parasagittal lesions) to peripheral nerves fungus gnat life cycle order fulvicin amex, producing either an upper motor neurone (spastic) or lower motor neurone (flaccid) picture. Recognized causes of paraparesis include נUpper motor neurone lesions: Traumatic section of the cord; Cord compression from intrinsic or extrinsic mass lesion. Lower motor neurone lesions: Acute or chronic neuropathies (Guillain΂arr顳yndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy). Cross References Flaccidity; Myelopathy; Paraplegia; Spasticity Paraphasia Paraphasias are a feature of aphasias (disorders of language), particularly (but not exclusively) fluent aphasias resulting from posterior dominant temporal lobe lesions (cf. Paraphasias refer to a range of speech output errors, both phonological and lexical, including substitution, addition, duplication, omission, and transposition of linguistic units, affecting letters within words, letters within syllables, or words within sentences. Paraphasic errors may be categorized as: נPhonemic or literal: Errors involve individual phonemes; impaired phonology. Morphemic: Errors involving word stems, suffixes, prefixes, inflections, and other parts of words. These may be further classified as: Semantic or categoric: substitution of a different exemplar from the same category. Verbal paraphasias showing both semantic and phonemic resemblance to the target word are called mixed errors. This may result from lower motor neurone lesions involving multiple nerve roots and/or peripheral nerves. Prevention of this situation may be possible by avoiding spasms, which are often provoked by skin irritation or ulceration, bowel constipation, bladder infection, and poor nutrition. Physiotherapy and pharmacotherapy with agents such as baclofen, dantrolene, and tizanidine may be used; botulinum toxin injections may be helpful for focal spasticity. The key anatomical substrates, damage to which causes the syndrome, are probably the interstitial nucleus of Cajal and the nucleus of the posterior commissure and their projections. The incidence of parkinsonism increases dramatically with age; it is also associated with an increased risk of death, particularly in the presence of a gait disturbance. Prevalence of parkinsonian signs and associated mortality in a community population of older people. Cross References Apraxia; Blinking; Bradykinesia; Dysarthria; Dystonia; Hypokinesia; Hypomimia; Hypophonia; Mask-like facies; Micrographia; Orthostatic hypotension; Postural reflexes; Rigidity; Seborrhoea; Sialorrhoea; Striatal toe; Supranuclear gaze palsy; Tremor Parosmia Parosmia is a false smell, i. Such smells are usually unpleasant (cacosmia), may be associated with a disagreeable taste (cacogeusia), and may be difficult for the patient to define. Causes include purulent nasal infections or sinusitis and partial recovery following transection of olfactory nerve fibres after head injury. Transient parosmia may presage epileptic seizures of temporal lobe cortical origin (olfactory aura), particularly involving the medial (uncal) region. Cross References Aura; Seizures ParryΒomberg Syndrome Hemifacial atrophy is thinning of subcutaneous tissues on one side of the face; it may also involve muscle and bone (causing enophthalmos), and sometimes brain, in which case neurological features (hemiparesis, hemianopia, focal epileptic seizures, cognitive impairment) may also be present. The clinical heterogeneity of hemifacial atrophy probably reflects pathogenetic heterogeneity. The syndrome may result from maldevelopment of autonomic innervation or vascular supply, or as an acquired feature following trauma, or a consequence of linear scleroderma (morphoea), in which case a coup de sabre may be seen. Some observations on the aetiology of hemifacial atrophy ("ParryΒomberg syndrome"). There may be a sense that the patient is struggling against these displays of emotion, in contrast to the situation in other forms of emotional lability where there is said to be congruence of mood and affect, although sudden fluctuations and exaggerated emotional expression are common to both, suggesting a degree of overlap. Pathological laughter and crying following stroke: validation of a measurement scale and a double-blind treatment study. Cross References Automatism; Emotionalism, Emotional lability; Pseudobulbar palsy Peduncular Hallucinosis Peduncular hallucinosis is a rare syndrome characterized by hallucinations and brainstem symptoms. Brainstem findings include oculomotor disturbances, dysarthria, ataxia, and impaired arousal. Peliopsia, Pelopsia Peliopsia or pelopsia is a form of metamorphopsia characterized by the misperception of objects as closer to the observer than they really are (cf. Cross References Metamorphopsia; Porropsia Pelvic Thrusting Pelvic thrusting may be a feature of epileptic seizures of frontal lobe origin; occasionally it may occur in temporal lobe seizures. Choreiform disorders may involve the pelvic region causing thrusting or rocking movements.

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Heat regulation: the skin contains a blood supply far greater than its requirements which allows precise control of energy loss by radiation fungus names cheapest generic fulvicin uk, convection and conduction fungus and animal predation order 250mg fulvicin otc. Dilated blood vessels increase perfusion and heat loss while constricted vessels greatly reduce cutaneous blood flow and conserve heat fungus gnats under skin generic 250 mg fulvicin with amex. Tumors Benign tumors of the skin: Squamous cell papilloma Skin cancer en quadriderm antifungal cream generic fulvicin 250mg amex. These patches are designed so that the drug molecules diffuse through the epidermis to the blood vessels in the dermis layer. A typical patch works well for small lipid-soluble molecules (for example, estrogen, nitroglycerin, and nicotine) that can make their way between epidermal cells. Terminal hair, the fully developed hair, which is generally longer, coarser, thicker, and darker than vellus hair, and often is found in regions such as the axillary, male beard, and pubic. Pathological impacts on hair Drugs used in cancer chemotherapy frequently cause a temporary loss of hair, noticeable on the head and eyebrows, because they kill all rapidly dividing cells, not just the cancerous ones. Other diseases and traumas can cause temporary or permanent loss of hair, either generally or in patches. The hair shafts may also store certain poisons for years, even decades, after death. Lafayette Baker, who died July 3, 1868, use of an atomic absorption spectrophotometer showed the man was killed by white arsenic. Nails Parts of the fingernail the fingernail is an important structure made of keratin. The protection function of the fingernail is commonly known, but the sensation function is equally important. The fingertip has many nerve endings in it allowing us to receive volumes of information about objects we touch. The nail acts as a counterforce to the fingertip providing even more sensory input when an object is touched. Nail Structure the parts of a finger nail the structure we know of as the nail is divided into six specific parts - the root, nail bed, nail plate, eponychium (cuticle), perionychium, and hyponychium. This portion of the nail is actually beneath the skin behind the fingernail and extends several millimeters into the finger. This portion of the nail does not have any melanocytes, or melanin producing cells. The edge of the germinal matrix is seen as a white, crescent shaped structure called the lunula. The nail bed contains the blood vessels, nerves, and melanocytes, or melaninproducing cells. As the nail is produced by the root, it streams down along the nail bed, which adds material to the undersurface of the nail making it thicker. If it is not, the nail may split or develop grooves that can be cosmetically unappealing. The underneath surface of the nail plate has grooves along the length of the nail that help anchor it to the nail bed. The cuticle is situated between the skin of the finger and the nail plate fusing these structures together and providing a waterproof barrier. Perionychium the perioncyhium is the skin that overlies the nail plate on its sides. The perionychium is the site of hangnails, ingrown nails, and an infection of the skin called paronychia. It is the junction between the free edge of the nail and the skin of the fingertip, also providing a waterproof barrier. Although nails are a skin appendage, they have their own signs and symptoms which may relate to other medical conditions. Nail conditions that show signs of infection or inflammation require medical assistance and cannot be treated at a beauty parlor. Nails: left hand, adult human male Ingrown Nails Onychocryptosis, commonly known as "ingrown nails" (unguis incarnatus), can affect either the fingers or the toes. In this condition, the nail cuts into one or both sides of the nail bed, resulting in inflammation and possibly infection.


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In the vignette fungus eyelid 250mg fulvicin amex, the Schwannoma (a nerve sheath tumor arising from Schwann cells) results in impairment of proprioception (position sense) and vibratory sense ipsilaterally while pain and temperature are impaired contralaterally fungus eliminator buy discount fulvicin line. Integumentary System Answers 309 It is compressing the spinal cord from its lateral or anterolateral aspect causing impairment of pain and temperature sensation on the contralateral side to the Schwannoma fungus gnats control hydrogen peroxide generic 250 mg fulvicin with visa, with weakness antifungal talcum discount fulvicin master card, spasticity and loss of proprioception and vibratory sense on the ipsilateral side to the tumor. Specific desmogleins are the target of the autoantibodies in different forms of the disease. Cadherins are Ca2+-dependent transmembrane-linker molecules essential for cell-cell contact, so their disturbance in pemphigus leads to severe blistering of the skin because of disrupted cell-cell interactions early in the differentiation of the keratinocyte (epidermal cell) and excessive fluid loss. Hemidesmosomes (answer b) contain different proteins than desmosomes and are not affected in pemphigus. Therefore, the basal layer of the epidermis remains attached to the basal lamina in pemphigus. For more details on junctional complexes, see the table in feedback for question 199. There is hyperplasia of the epidermis and abnormal microcirculation in the dermis as venules predominate in the capillaries resulting in increased extravasation of inflammatory cells. Thus, the underlying cause is the infiltration of inflammatory cells into the dermis with further migration of neutrophils into the epidermis. There is hyperplasia of the epidermis (answer a) as keratinocytes traverse the cell cycle in a shorter period of time (answer b). Microabcesses form in the epidermis (answer d) and epithelia are avascular (answer e). The immunofluorescence image shows specific labeling of the epidermal-dermal interface. Therefore, the entire epidermis separates from the basal lamina in contrast to pemphigus in which the desmosomes disaggregate due to antibodies to the desmogleins causing a disruption of the macula adherens [desmosomes (answer a)] in the stratum spinosum. The gap junction (answer c) is a communicating junction; the zonula occludens (answer d) prevents material from flowing between cells; and the zonula adherens (answer e) is a belt-like component of the junctional complex that links to the actin cytoskeleton. Below is a helpful "memory grid" to remind you of the components of the junctional complexes and their attachments to the cell. Memory Grid Cadherins Actin Adhesion Belts Desmosomes Integrins Focal Adhesions Hemidesmosomes Cell to Matrix No Plaque Intermediate Filaments Plaque Cell to Cell No fair going diagonally! The high levels of phenylalanine provide competitive inhibition for tyrosinase (answers c and d). The number of melanocytes that differentiate from the neural crest would be normal (answer a). She admits to drinking a six-pack of beer each day with a little more intake on weekends. A biopsy of her liver shows eosinophilic intracytoplasmic inclusions (Mallory bodies) derived from intermediate filament proteins. The resting parietal cell does not secrete acid for which of the following reasons? The direction of release of secretion the use of exocytosis for release of secretory product from the cell Their presence in the small and large intestine Their origin from a crypt stem cell Secretion by a regulated pathway 313 Copyright © 2007 by the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. In regard to the enteroendocrine cells and the cells composing the enteric nervous system of the gut, which of the following applies to both types of cells? They are derived from neural crest They secrete similar peptides They are essential for the intrinsic rhythmicity of the gut They are turned over rapidly They are found only in the small intestine 205. A 17-year-old with counterfeit identification has a piercing done at a local tattoo/piercing establishment. She chooses to have a stainless steel barbell inserted in the piercing through the anterior 2/3 of her tongue. Primary afferents from those structures travel through which of the following cranial nerves? The site of this disruption is most likely which of the layers on the accompanying micrograph? Layer a Layer b Layer c Layer d Layer e 316 Anatomy, Histology, and Cell Biology 207. A 48-year-old woman presents to the allergy and rheumatology clinic with itching eyes, dryness of the mouth, difficulty swallowing, loss of sense of taste, hoarseness, fatigue, and swollen parotid glands.

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Countries in the Americas have experienced high rates of syphilis and congenital syphilis fungus gnats shroomery discount fulvicin 250 mg on line. Latin America and the Caribbean have demonstrated high syphilis prevalence among pregnant women (7) quantum antifungal cream order discount fulvicin line, which contributes to substantial stillbirth rates (8) fungus killing snakes buy 250mg fulvicin overnight delivery. Recent data indicate that congenital syphilis rates in South America antifungal wash buy fulvicin 250 mg line, excluding Brazil, have been stable since 2009, but Brazil has seen increasing case rates (up to 1. However, each country uses its own case definition for congenital syphilis surveillance, sometimes excluding stillbirths caused by syphilis (syphilitic stillbirths), which makes it difficult to monitor congenital syphilis case rates in the Americas (9). Maternal syphilis, however, was not included in the national compulsory notification list until July 14, 2005, through Ordinance No. Epidemiologic surveillance demonstrates increased rates of reported congenital syphilis and deaths; infant mortality rates from syphilis increased from 2. The Brazilian Ministry of Health attributes higher maternal syphilis rates to improved epidemiologic surveillance methods and expanded distribution of rapid syphilis tests. The Stork Network promotes improved prenatal care, increased availability of rapid syphilis tests, and fiscal subsidies to control both the maternal and congenital forms of the 1469 Emerging Infectious Diseases נ Rapid tests use digital puncture sampling to detect the presence of treponemal antibodies and enable screening and treatment during a clinical visit. Widespread prenatal syphilis testing improved maternal treatment by reducing difficulties in patient follow-up (15) but simultaneously revealed the high syphilis rates in Brazil. In this context, we evaluated congenital syphilis as a predictor for the quality of basic maternal and child healthcare in Brazil during 2010Ͳ015. We assessed case rates by region and their correlation with epidemiologic and socioeconomic indicators. Methods Study Characteristics fetal age, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) of a fetus, or stillbirth of an infant born to a woman with clinical or serologic evidence of syphilis who was not treated or received inadequate treatment, including lack of partner treatment; a person <13 years of age with increasing nontreponemal titers over time, a reactive nontreponemal titer after 6 months of age, reactive treponemal tests after 18 months of age, or a reactive nontreponemal titer higher than those of the mother; an infant or child with clinical, cerebrospinal fluid, or radiologic evidence of syphilis; or microbiologic evidence of T. Epidemiologic Variables We used a quantitative approach to conduct an ecologic study of aggregated epidemiologic data on syphilis in pregnant women and children. During AugustΎovember 2017, we obtained basic syphilis indicators for 6 years, 2010Ͳ015, from the public domain database and assessed annual syphilis rates for 5 regions of Brazil: North, Northeast, Southeast, South, and Midwest. Data for 2016 were not available during the period we collected indicators for this study. We collected data on all syphilis cases in pregnant women and those in children <1 year of age (considered congenital syphilis) that were reported to national surveillance. In Brazil, health professionals from private and public healthcare settings must complete an official epidemiologic reporting and investigation form for case notification and enter the data into the Notification of Injury Information System database of the Unified Health System. For surveillance, Brazil considers a congenital syphilis case in the following situations: live birth of any 1470 We assessed congenital syphilis by using the following variables: syphilis detection rates in pregnant women/1,000 live births; maternal schooling level; congenital syphilis cases in the absence of prenatal care; congenital syphilis cases from mothers with inadequate maternal treatment; congenital syphilis cases whose maternal partner did not receive treatment and the number of rapid syphilis tests conducted on pregnant women; congenital syphilis detection rates in children <1 year of age/1,000 live births; infant death, excluding stillbirths and fetal deaths, due to congenital syphilis in children <1 year of age/100,000 live births; spontaneous abortion due to congenital syphilis/100,000 live births; and syphilitic stillbirths/100,000 live births. We considered child death as death between birth and 12 months of age in a live-born child from a mother with syphilis, excluding spontaneous and stillbirth. We excluded data for any given variable if it was ignored or not included on the official notification form. Because compulsory notification for congenital syphilis has been in effect since 1986, the available database is more established (12). We estimated congenital syphilis incidence rates by considering the number of new cases in children <1 year of age by year in a region multiplied by 1,000 and divided by the number of live births to mothers residing in the same region during that year. We calculated infant mortality rates, stillbirths, and spontaneous abortions from congenital syphilis by considering the ratio of the number of cases in the region in a given Emerging Infectious Diseases נ Incidence rates of congenital syphilis in children <1 year of age per 1,000 live births, by year and region, Brazil, 2010Ͳ015. We considered annual congenital syphilis rates and rate increases per region, calculated by the difference between the rates recorded in 2010 and 2015, to evaluate the temporal evolution of incidence rates. We applied the Shapiro Wilk test to verify data normality, with data adherence to the normal distribution. We applied a 1-way analysis of variance followed by a Tukey test to calculate the difference between rates, considering year and geographic region, to identify differences in pairs.

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