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By: S. Owen, M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

Compare the reagent pads to the color chart treatment 100 blocked carotid artery generic lamictal 25mg overnight delivery, determining results at the intervals stated by the manufacturer symptoms miscarriage discount lamictal 200mg without a prescription. To determine results symptoms xanax is prescribed for buy cheap lamictal 200mg, examine that pad 30 seconds post dipping and compare with color chart for glucose medicine 7 discount 100mg lamictal mastercard. Warning: Do not remove the desiccant packet in the strip container; it ensures that minimal moisture affects the strips. The desiccant is toxic and should be discarded appropriately after all of the strips have been used. Pour 10 mL of well-mixed urine into a labeled centrifuge tube or standard system tube. Notes: If the urine is to be tested by chemical reagent strip, perform the dip test before spinning the urine. Preparing a urine specimen of less than 3 mL for sediment is not recommended because that is not enough urine to create a true sediment. In such cases, document the volume on the chart under sediment to ensure proper interpretation of results. Centrifuge maintenance requires periodic checks to ensure that the speed and timing are correct. Analyze charts, graphs, and/or tables in the interpretation of health care results Psychomotor Domain 1. Analyze charts, graphs, and or tables in the interpretation of health care results 6. Use body language and other nonverbal skills in communicating with patients, family, and staff 9. Demonstrate awareness of territorial boundaries of the person with whom you are communicating 10. Where will the medical assistant find instructions for the correct method for collecting and transporting microbiology specimens? Why is it important to transport or process microbiology specimens as soon as possible? Why are there certain foods that a patient may not ingest before a fecal occult blood test is run? How long is a culture incubated to verify there is no bacterial growth from the specimen? If the specimen is not fully and correctly labeled, the laboratory may be required to of the specimen. Verify use of correct, required of specimen, and appropriate of specimen collection. Correct steps are important for keeping the pathogen until it reaches the laboratory. The laboratory needs to be aware of any in transportation. Confirm and of specimen receipt. Place X in front of items that are outside the scope of practice for the medical assistant. Using the media list provided, identify the media you would select for the cases below. Place the letter identifying the media in the blank provided in front of the case. She is just recovering from a course of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract infection. How does the medical assistant assure the accuracy of testing with an immunoassay test kit? Your patient is concerned that others may learn of the results to her laboratory test.


  • You smoke
  • Respiratory (breathing) failure (which may require use of a machine to help the patient breathe)
  • Pigs
  • DO NOT apply ointments to burned areas.
  • Childhood habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, pacifier use beyond age 3, and prolonged use of a bottle
  • Parts of the heart cannot contract in an organized pattern.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart attack (acute MI)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • A long, thick metal pin (sometimes called a rod or nail) with holes in it may be driven down the shaft of the bone from one end. Screws are then passed through the bone and through a hole in the pin.

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Identification Tests the various derivatives of quinidine have specific characteristic features as enumerated below: 1 treatment zone tonbridge order generic lamictal from india. Note: Quinidine sulphate dihydrate is the salt of an alkaloid obtained either from various species of Cinchona and their hybrids medications and mothers milk 2016 cheap 50mg lamictal with amex, or from Cuprea bark medications keppra cheap lamictal 50mg with mastercard, obtained from Remijia pedunculata and Remijia purdieana belonging to the natural order Rubiaceae medicine man 1992 order 200 mg lamictal with visa. Quinidine Gluconate (C26H36N2O9) (Synonyms Quinaglute; Duraquin; Gluconic acid quinidine salt): It is obtained as crystals having mp 175-176. H 2 O) [Synonyms Galactoquin; Cardioquin; Naticardina): It is obtained as an amorphous powder mp 180°C (decomposes). The anhydrous substance is found to be insoluble in methanol, ethanol, chloroform, ether, acetone, dioxane; and soluble in 40% methanol or ethanol: 12%; in water at 25°C: ~ 2%. Quindine Hemipentahydrate: It is obtained as prisms from dilute ethanol, mp ~ 168°C, and loses 1/2 H2O on exposure to air. Quinidine also gives a specific colour test as given below: Ferrocyanide Test for Quinidine A small quantum (10-15 mg) of a quinidine salt is mixed thoroughly with 0. The contents are transferred carefully into a test tube with the help of 1 ml of distilled water. To this is added 1 ml of chloroform, contents shaken and then allowed to stay for a few minutes. Note: Quinine or its salt under identical treatment gives a negative test, and hence it may be used to distinguish between quinidine and quinine. It is, however, observed to be present especially in the bark of Cinchona pubescens Vahl. Solubility Profile: It is found to be freely soluble in chloroform and ethanol; moderately soluble in ether; and practically insoluble in water. Identification Tests Cinchonidine may be identified by preparing its specific derivatives that possess characteristic features, such as: 1. It is D soluble in 25 parts of cold water, more soluble in boiling water; soluble in chloroform and ethanol; and slightly soluble in ether. Epicinchonidine [Synonyms: (8, 9S)-Cinchonan-9-ol)]: It has mp 104°C; and []20 + 63° D (C = 0. Totaquine Totaquine is nothing but a mixture of the total alkaloids of the well-known cinchona bark. It is found to contain not less than 7% and not more than 12% of quinine units anhydrous form; and not more than 80% of the total anhydrous crystallizable cinchona alkaloids. The following table summarizes the characteristic features and specific tests for the four major cinchona alkaloids, namely: Quinine, Quinidine, Cinchonine and Cinchonidine. Strictosidine is obtained by the interaction of L-tryptophan and secologanin as already shown in the Biosynthesis of Quinine. Strietosidine undergoes a molecular rearrangement to form an aldehyde which upon hydrolysis and decarboxylation yields coryantheal. Coryantheal generates cinchoninone by virtue of two transformations; first: an intermediate formed due to the cleavage of C-N bond (via iminium) then formation of a new C-N bond (again via iminium); and secondly: cleavage of the indole C-N bond. However, it has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that the reactions essentially involving C-2 appear to be the most common in alkaloid biosynthesis. Isolation Physostigmine may be isolated by adopting the following two steps, namely: Step I: the seeds are dried, powdered, sieved and extracted by continuous percolation with hot ethanol (95%) and the solvent is subsequently removed by distillation under vacuo. Water is added to the residue and the floating fatty layer is separated the lower aqueous layer is subjected to alkalinization with sodium carbonate and the liberated alkaloid is then extracted with ether successively. To this aqueous acidic solution (containing the alkaloids as sulphates) is added an excess of a saturated solution of sodium salicylate when the physostigmine salicylate separates out as a crystalline product. The physostigmine may be recovered from the resulting salt by treating it with sodium carbonate followed by an immediate extraction with ether successively. The ether is evaporated in a Rotary Thin-Film Evaporator and the desired physostigmine is collected as prisms or clusters. It is obtained as orthorhombic sphenoidal prisms or clusters of leaflets from ether or benzene having mp 105-106°C. Solubility Profile: It is slightly soluble in water; soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform and oils. Identification Tests Physostigmine may be identified either by specific colour tests or by preparing their derivatives as stated below: (a) Colour Tests: these are as follows: 1.

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Incandescent Lamps When a metallic object is heated it will glow and release light energy by a process known as incandescence abro oil treatment discount lamictal 50 mg visa. In an incandescent light bulb treatment 2 go lamictal 100 mg otc, electric current is passed through a thin tungsten filament 909 treatment purchase cheap lamictal online, which generates heat and light due to electrical resistance medicine buddha cheap lamictal 200mg on line. The spectral output and intensity of the light bulb is dependent on the temperature that the filament achieves, with a more luminous and whiter beam being produced at higher temperatures. Incandescent lamps are relatively inefficient visible light sources, since much of the electrical energy is used to generate heat, which in turn leads to filament evaporation and eventual bulb burn out. The potential for filament failure thus limits the operating temperature, intensity, and spectral quality of incandescent lamps. The life of a tungsten bulb can be extended by sealing the filament in a quartz envelope that contains a halogen, such as bromine or iodine. The final desired spectral output of a quartz halogen lamp is achieved with optical filters that allow only certain wavebands to pass. In clinical dermatology incandescent lamps have been primarily used in situations where visible light is required including photodynamic therapy, photo-testing, and noninvasive optical diagnosis, such as reflectance spectroscopy. For example, conventional slide projector lamps provide a convenient and uniform beam of visible light that can be used in diagnostic phototesting (2). Arc Lamps An arc lamp discharges light when high voltage is applied across two electrodes that are sealed in a transparent envelope containing a gas, such as mercury or xenon. The electric current will Radiation Sources and Interaction with Skin 33 excite electrons within the gas, which then emits light as the gas returns to its physical ground state. The output spectrum of a gas discharge lamp can be further modulated by varying the gas pressure within the glass envelope. At higher pressures the spectral emission peaks broaden and start to approach an output that is more continuous (or "spectrally neutral") throughout its output range. Finsen, the father of modern photomedicine who received the 1903 Nobel prize in medicine, used carbon arc lamps for treating lupus vulgaris (3). The carbon electrodes would be heated by the arc and actually emit light by incandescence. In a mercury vapor lamp, mercury is first ionized and vaporized to a gas by electrically igniting an arc. Both low and high ("cold" and "hot" quartz) pressure mercury vapor lamps were used in dermatology prior to the widespread adoption of fluorescent tube technology. Although hot quartz lamps have a limited field size, they can probably be considered as the first practical form of targeted phototherapy. More recently a "short arc maximum pressure" mercury lamp has been developed for clinical use. Metal halide lamps are more expensive and cumbersome to operate than fluorescent lamp-based phototherapy units, but the higher output with metal halide allows for shorter treatment times. For simulating solar radiation, xenon is used in arc lamps because its output spectrum provides the best match to that of terrestrial sunlight. Xenon discharge lamps are the same type of light source used for projecting movies in cinemas. The therapeutic effect of this device would be expected to be similar to the XeCl excimer laser. Fluorescent Lamps Fluorescent radiation represents the re-emission of photons following light absorption by a chromophore. The photons that are emitted by the chromophore are usually of a lower energy than the incident photons that were initially absorbed, and thus are of a longer wavelength. In the context of fluorescence, chromophores are more specifically referred to as "fluorophores. The primary radiation that is initially produced within a fluorescent lamp is analogous to that emitted by a low-pressure mercury lamp. When electric current is applied to 34 Lui and Anderson the ends of a fluorescent tube, the mercury is vaporized and excited to a higher energy level.


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